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Enterprise Profile

  Yingqiao Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. (Called Yingqiao Group for short) is derived from 1988. It has set up 4 subsidiaries at present, among which, Yingqiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the largest specialized manufacturer of steam traps in China, which provides one-stop service including R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, technical support and etc.. Its products cover steam traps, air traps, blow-off valves, tube bundles, steam trapping stations and condensate recovery systems and so on. Yingqiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the vice president of National Thermal Energy & Water Treatment Engineering Manufacturing Council, the member of China Petroleum, Chemical and Thermal Committee, the member of National Chemical and Thermal Design Committee, the first drafter of national standard "Steam Trap Classification", and the first-tier supplier for PetroChina and Sinopec.

  Yingqiao Group gathers experienced sales team, advanced technical experts and senior management staff from globally famous company in this field. Yingqiao Group has more than 200 employees, including top experts in steam trap industry and professor-grade senior engineers enjoying special allowances from the State Council. Up to now, it has acquired 22 technical patents and 6 inventive patents awarded by State Intellectual Property Office. Besides, it has obtained many honors and qualifications.

 In the trend of economic globalization, Yingqiao Group takes the whole world in view and keeps innovating. It actively attracts excellent talents, adjusts operation principle and development strategy, and strives for the vision to become the world-renowned brand in this field. At the same time, it positively responds to the government call "Energy Saving & Consumption Reducing", and set up "Entrust (Beijing) Steam Conservation Technology Co.,Ltd." to endeavor in promoting the development of steam system energy-saving field.

  Yingqiao Group is technology-based, personnel-oriented, and committed to to help its customers save energy and improve efficiency, to contribute to the progress and enhancement of its staff, to secure fruitful benefits for cooperative partners, and to endeavor in advancing industrial technology. "Reassuring Clients, Satisfying Staff" is the artless core value of Yingqiao Group.